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Are you having a baby? Do you have the nursery done? There are so many decisions that go into planning a baby's nursery. What color do you want to make the walls? Should you keep the colors neutral in case the baby happens to be the opposite gender you are planning for? What bedding will look great but not pose any safety risks to your son or daughter? Is there furniture that can be used throughout the baby's childhood instead of just during the infant year? You can learn all about planning the design of the nursery on my website.

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Tips For Decorating Your New Townhouse

If you've just rented a new townhouse or are updating the one you currently live in, you can make it feel more like home with the right decor pieces. With the right touches, you can transform a boring living space into a place you love to come home to.

Depending on your decorating budget, you can either repurpose items you already have into new decor, or purchase all new things. You can also check out second-hand stores and garage sales for hidden gems that may be just right for your home. If your finances allow, consider hiring the services of an interior designer, who will listen to your decor ideas and bring them to life with the appropriate pieces. 

To help narrow down your decorating options, you may want to pick a theme before you get started. Some ideas include beach-, tropical-, nautical-, garden- and French country-inspired themes. You can either pick one decor theme and incorporate it throughout your entire apartment or choose a different one for each room.

One issue you may encounter when decorating a rented townhouse is that you can't make permanent changes, such as hanging wallpaper or installing new fixtures and hardware. The good news is that there are plenty of temporary ways that you can make a big difference in your living space. 

Here are some townhouse decorating ideas to get you started:


One of the fastest ways to update your home is by decorating the walls, which are usually the first things you notice in any room. Your landlord may allow you to paint the walls as long as you return them to their original colors at the end of your lease.

If you get the go-ahead, pick colors that coordinate with your overall decor theme, such as light turquoise for a beach-inspired theme or yellow for a tropical-inspired space. If you don't want to splash a bright color on all of the walls, you can do one or two as "accents." 

As another, more temporary option, you can enhance your walls with peel-and-stick decals, which come in a wide range of colors, designs, and themes. As one idea, update your child's room with vibrant zoo animal decals. You can also find ones featuring words or meaningful phrases.


Although you won't be able to change the type of flooring your townhouse has, you can easily cover it with decorative rugs. Not only will the floor coverings add a touch of softness, but they'll also add visual interest to any room.

Keep the space's theme in mind as you choose the perfect rug to create a cohesive look. For instance, if your townhouse has a modern, edgy feel with grey tiles, place few fluffy white faux fur rugs around the space, such as in the center of a bedroom or under a coffee table. 

For more ideas, you could consult a townhouse interior design services resource in your area.