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designing your baby's nursery

Are you having a baby? Do you have the nursery done? There are so many decisions that go into planning a baby's nursery. What color do you want to make the walls? Should you keep the colors neutral in case the baby happens to be the opposite gender you are planning for? What bedding will look great but not pose any safety risks to your son or daughter? Is there furniture that can be used throughout the baby's childhood instead of just during the infant year? You can learn all about planning the design of the nursery on my website.

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Decorating Dilemma: Putting Common Interior Designer Myths To Rest

If you are thinking about hiring a professional interior designer to help renovate your home or even one room, you may wonder if it is the right decision. Your hesitancy may be due in part to common myths you have heard about interior designers that are not true. Understanding what an interior designer does can help put these common interior design myths to rest.

Myth: Your home will not reflect your values

One of the most common interior design myths is that you will end up with a home that does not reflect your values but rather reflects the values of the interior designer. This is simply not true, as an interior designer will always work closely with you to achieve a design that reflects your family's values. You will be actively involved throughout the entire decision-making process and will work with your interior designer to create a home you love.

Myth: You can decorate your home on your own

While anyone can decorate their own home, there are certain things you may not be aware of when it comes to space planning and matching textures and colors. The difference can be huge when you compare how you see a room and how your interior designer sees it. Your interior designer will help you maximize the space you have to work with so nothing is wasted. They have the expertise to match colors and textures to give your room a cohesive look.

Myth: You will be pressured into changing everything

This myth often comes to the mind of sentimental types who have difficulty parting with items around the house or who have favorite pieces of furniture they love. Your interior designer will take all of these things into consideration when making recommendations for new furnishings, etc. You will not have to part with anything sentimental or of value to you, and your interior designer can help you highlight the items you love most by integrating them into your new design.

Once you put aside common interior design myths, you will feel confident that choosing a professional interior designer is a great decision. Not only will your home still be uniquely yours, but you will be actively involved in the decision-making process. An interior designer will save you time and will work alongside you to create a home that is beautiful and reflects the personality of those who live there.

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