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designing your baby's nursery

Are you having a baby? Do you have the nursery done? There are so many decisions that go into planning a baby's nursery. What color do you want to make the walls? Should you keep the colors neutral in case the baby happens to be the opposite gender you are planning for? What bedding will look great but not pose any safety risks to your son or daughter? Is there furniture that can be used throughout the baby's childhood instead of just during the infant year? You can learn all about planning the design of the nursery on my website.

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Benefits of Using Quartz Tile in Your Bathroom

One of the most important parts of a bathroom remodel is taking your time to ensure that you choose the right new flooring. There are several flooring options that can be a good choice in a bathroom, but many homeowners gravitate toward tile. If you like the idea of using tile, you'll need to narrow down your choices — after all, there are many different types of tile materials that you can use in different areas of your home. You may find that quartz tile is the right fit for your bathroom. Here are some benefits of this specific tile in this part of your home.


Quartz tile can work well on the floor of your bathroom because it may match other elements in this space. For example, if you're installing a new bathroom vanity, you might like the idea of having a quartz countertop on it. This material offers a stylish look to your vanity, and choosing quartz flooring tiles that either match or tie in with the vanity countertop will work well. It can be fun to shop for a flooring product that you know will perfectly complement the new vanity that will be one of the focal points in this space.


A lot of people like using quartz products because of the sparkle that is present in this material. Regardless of its overall color, quartz has a number of small, sparkly elements that work well in bright rooms. This is why a lot of people choose quartz for the foyer of their homes. Bathrooms are often bright, as you want good lighting that makes it easy to see yourself in the mirror. Additionally, bathrooms often have a lot of sparkly fixtures — the faucet, for example, shines brightly under the bathroom lights. When you add quartz flooring tiles to this space, you'll get even more of a sparkly look.


The surface texture of different tile products can vary a lot. Some tile products have a textured surface, while others are very smooth. Quartz tile fits into the latter category, which makes it an appealing choice in your bathroom. When you're on your bare feet, you often want something that feels smooth beneath you. Anything textured could dig into your feet a little, particularly when your skin is soft after you've stepped out of the bath or shower. Visit a tile flooring retailer to browse some quartz tile options for your bathroom.