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3 Ways An Interior Designer Can Help You Sell Your Home Fast

Posted by on Dec 20, 2016 in Uncategorized |

The average home for sale sits on the market for a few months when the market is slow, and the time can be even longer if you live in an area where several houses are already listed. Competition means you have to make your dwelling stand out among its peers as a unique and comfortable place to live. An interior designer can help you present your home in a modern and comfortable way that makes potential homeowners want to move right in. Here are 3 of the best ways an interior designer can actually help you sell your home fast. Modern hues Few things make potential homeowners turn away more than a home that needs to be updated on the inside. Too-vibrant walls in children’s rooms, boring base colors in the living or dining room, gag-worthy wallpaper patterns, and even two-toned walls and ceilings can turn people off quickly. Interior designers know how to choose color schemes for each room of the home that are not only modern, but inviting to nearly every person’s taste as well. This means your eggplant-coated kitchen walls may be replaced with a light and sunny yellow, but in the end it can lead to a home that will sell more quickly because it is ready to move right on in. Design You may have an eye for contemporary and comfortable style, but knowing how to blend everything together into a complementary design from room to room is a challenge all on its own. Your interior designer knows how to showcase each area of your livable space using the decor you already have to its best advantage. Whether that means moving your shag rug from the living room to the family area or rearranging bookshelves, the overall structural design of your home’s personality can be reorganized to create a more streamlined, sell-worthy appearance that will attract more buyers. Detail The finishing touches that make a home complete are what can ultimately seal the deal for people seeking a new place to call their own. Whether it’s the charming vase placed right by your front door or the track lighting in the hallway that does it, an interior designer has an eye for detail that sticks in people’s minds. When you become ‘the’ house on the market for potential buyers who have seen home after plain old home, you can make yours the one to beat. This can lead to a super quick sale. Contact a company like B Graham Interiors for more...

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Stylish Ideas For Draping Large Windows

Posted by on Mar 28, 2016 in Uncategorized |

Tall windows and window banks are a beautiful aspect of your home. They allow the natural light in and frame gorgeous views. However, large panes of glass, or a series of windows, also leave your room open to the outside. What’s more, it’s rarely the most stylish choice to leave the windows bare. Choose fashionable window treatments for your large windows and window walls. Layers of Color If you have a single large window or sliding door, consider going for a monochromatic effect. Choose a color from your room, and layer it through your window treatments. For example, Home and Garden TV describes a bedroom with layers of pink draperies. The look starts with sheer curtain panels in the target color, which allow for light to still flood the room. The panels are framed with solid curtains in the same shade. It’s even possible to add an accent, such as tiebacks, in the same color for an elegant finish. Full-Length Pleats A more formal look for your draperies comes in the form of pleated curtains. Choose curtain panels with a subtle pattern on a heavier fabric. From there, look for a traverse or gathered curtain rod. Install the rod close to the ceiling, and allow the pleated curtains to hang all the way to the floor. Such a look works well with tall, skinny windows. Neutral Profile If you have a window wall, you probably don’t want to distract from the view it highlights. In that case, consider long roller shades. Select a color that blends in with your wall or paint trim. Have them mounted a little high above the windows. That way, when you’re not using them, the rolled up shades blend into the background. Even when you have the shades down, their flat surface should provide a neutral profile. Bay Surround Bay window bump outs can be a special challenge. Not only are you presented with several large panes of glass, but they’re encompassed in an architectural arc. An attractive method for draping bay windows is to hang a custom-fit rod inside the bay. The rod should follow the angles of the walls and attach between each window. That way you can hang an individual curtain panel for each window. If the bay includes built-in banquet seating, have the panels hemmed accordingly. Organic Frame Picture windows often highlight beautiful scenes of nature. Emphasize that view by hanging an organic material as your window treatment. For example, consider a long bamboo shade. Alternatively, look for curtain panels in natural weaves, such as linen. If privacy isn’t an issue, you could even drape an organic swag across the top of the picture window as your only drapery. Approach your large and multiple windows as the beautiful boons they are and decorate them with stylish draperies. For more information or ideas on draperies, consider contacting companies like Shady...

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Interior Design Secrets For Maximum Kitchen Remodeling Profits

Posted by on Sep 10, 2015 in Uncategorized |

If your home’s kitchen was built decades ago and looks like it, then you will be happy to know that you can easily remodel it before listing your home for sale next spring. Since kitchen remodeling can be expensive, it is important that you maximize your investment when your home sells. Follow these interior design secrets to increase your profit when you sell your home: Keep the Look of Your Kitchen Inline with the Rest of Your Home If your home is a simple ranch-style house, then it doesn’t make any sense to put in a professional chef-quality kitchen when you remodel for sale. The costs for this type of kitchen will not be recouped when you sell your home, and they will limit the buyers who will be interested in purchasing. Instead, make sure that the new kitchen has a look that fits in well with the overall style of your home and the neighborhood where it is located. Make the Countertops and Backsplash Pop from Obvious High-Quality One of the first things that most buyers look at in a kitchen are the countertops. If someone walks into your home and sees old tile or nasty laminate counters, then they will immediately see a future project that they need to complete, and they think about the money it will cost them. For this reason, you should install a high-quality countertop and corresponding backsplash in your remodeled kitchen. A simple backsplash will make the kitchen look finished and give it that “designer” feel. If the counter area is small in your kitchen, you can purchase an inexpensive granite remnant to make the countertop. Remnants are pieces of the granite slab that were not used on other projects. Sometimes you can find enough remnant material to completely make counters for a small kitchen or a couple of bathrooms. You can purchase stone remnants anywhere you purchase countertops. Install Wood or Stone Floors in the Kitchen Finally, no one wants to buy a house that has ugly vinyl or tile floors in the kitchen. Both materials are hard to keep clean and look dated with today’s choice of stainless steel appliances. The best options for your new kitchen floor are either natural stone or wood floors. If these options are too expensive for your remodeling budget, then you should install wood laminate flooring. Today’s laminate flooring is designed to withstand the heavy traffic and occasional water that comes from being located in a kitchen.  To learn more about a kitchen remodel, contact a company like Kitchen & Bath...

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4 Tips To Refresh The Look Of Your Bedroom

Posted by on Jul 1, 2015 in Uncategorized |

Since you may spend several hours each day in your bedroom, you want your room to be an expression of your unique style and give you a sense of comfort. Making a few changes to your bedroom can help you achieve your ideal decor. Use Color Theory You should use pastel or muted tones when you are painting your bedroom or selecting bedding. Since you will be sleeping in your bedroom, you want the area to emphasize relaxation by using soothing colors. This does not mean there are any colors you should avoid. All colors have a tone, tint and hue, which can prevent any color from being overbearing. Color theory can help you choose complementary colors, but this does not mean you need to use large amounts of all the colors in your chosen theme. For example, blue, green and orange are a triad color scheme. You might want to focus more on shades of blue, while adding some green and orange through accessories. Mix Up Your Shapes Think about the staple pieces of furniture in your bedroom and find ways to contrast those shapes with other furniture pieces. For example, although your bed is usually rectangular, the headboard may give your bed a rounded look. You will want to contrast the rounded shape with angular pieces, such as geometric bedding sets or designs,  or by using a square dresser inside your room. For more visual interest, choose shapes that are unexpected, such as swirls or abstract shapes. Make Space Your bedroom may be small and you want to make the room feel like it is larger. Focus on your window to create a spacious feel to your room. When possible, use light-colored curtains that are easy to open and let in light. Lacy curtains are ideal when you want some privacy, but do not want to occlude the window. Mirrors can also make your room feel larger, especially if you place them appropriately. You should hang a large mirror on the wall, opposite of your window. Since the mirror will reflect your window, you will feel like you have more windows and light, which gives the illusion of more space. Include Art If you do not want bare walls but feel like painting the walls is too much, you may want to consider making your own artwork or purchasing inexpensive art to hang on your walls. Adding artwork can be helpful if you enjoy changing the look of your bedroom frequently, and do not want to repaint often. Making or buying art for your bedroom allows you many opportunities to rearrange items as your mood and interests change. There is no reason to be stuck with a boring bedroom decor. By changing some of the design elements in your room, you can completely change the look and feel of your...

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Shabby Chic Decorating: Shabby Up Your Window Treatments In Three Inventive Ways

Posted by on May 7, 2015 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Decorating a space in shabby chic style is an engaging lesson in learning how to reuse and repurpose items from the past. One of the distinct advantages of this decor style is the opportunity to stretch and bend the limits of your creativity. And one of the most delightful areas to try your hand at this endeavor is in your home’s windows. Shabby chic window treatments utilize out-of-the-box items that are taboo in other styles of decorating: old linens, canning jars, artful glass, pressed flowers, vintage kitchen utensils, and crochet are among just a few of the estate-sale findings that look lovely gracing cottage windows. The next time you’re thinking of ways to soften up existing window treatments and give them a shabby chic appeal, give these techniques a try.  Craft an Eye-Catching Valance A valance stretches across the top of your window from end to end, but there’s no law stating that your valance must be crafted of fabric. The shabby chic decorator knows that fine wire and favorite collectibles make the best window dressings. Use the following items to replace the window valance for your favorite room: Dried slices of lemons, oranges, and limes Vintage kitchen utensils Raffia Seashells Twigs Wire your collections together and drape them over a decorative rod, or use the wire to suspend them from the rod in groupings or rows.  Add Interest to Your Drapes Rooms that require heavy drapes for light management or privacy can still get a shabby chic makeover with the addition of unusual tiebacks and swags: Bend or twist vintage pieces of silver flatware and mount them to the wall as tiebacks. Add a swag of dried flowers, pinecones, or herbs bundled into bunches. Add coffee stain to vintage lace panels, and hang them on a second rod beneath your drapes. Beautify Your Blinds If you’re strictly a lover of window blinds because of their ease and durability, there’s no reason you can’t incorporate them into your vintage decorating theme: Add borders of vintage wallpaper and tassels from years gone by to the edges of roller blinds. Lay Venetian blinds flat, close them, and lightly stencil them in soft colors and patterns to match your room.  Add a sepia window film beneath blinds to give filtered light a soft, golden glow.  Windows present perfect opportunities to work a little shabby chic magic. Let your imagination shine through in inventive and out-of-the-box window treatments for every room.  For more information, contact Interiors By Diane DeCero And Ann Art Faux Finishes or a similar...

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Choosing The Type Of Wood For Your Hardwood Flooring: Why Types Of Wood Make A Difference

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Different types of hardwood produce very different looks for your floors. If you see a hardwood floor you like, but you have no idea what kind of wood it is, it does make it difficult to purchase the same type for your home. There are some distinguishing characteristics among the most popular hardwoods used in flooring. Knowing what they are, as well as their valuable properties, will help you make the best decision. Oak Hardwood Oak is one of the oldest and strongest hardwoods. It is very difficult to dent or mark it up, making it the ideal hardwood for homes with kids and a lot of foot traffic. You can identify oak by its thin and narrow striations interspersed with large whorls and small- to medium-sized knots. Hickory Hardwood Hickory has wider striations than oak and often has slightly pointed waves in some of the boards. It has a tendency to make most stains look ashen in color, although bare hickory can mimic the lightness of pine. Many of the boards will also have a dual tone to them, i.e., half light, half dark. Hickory flooring is cut in wide planks and it is not easy for an inexperienced homeowner to install. If you choose hickory flooring, hire a professional to install it.  (Contact National Carpet Mill Outlet or another company for more information) Maple Hardwood This hardwood is very popular in the Midwest, where forests riddled with maple trees grow. It has a nice warm but muted color, and the planks are often narrow with equally narrow striations. You might see a knot or two, but it rarely has waves. Because it is so common, the boards are easy to repair and replace, should something destructive enough affect your floor. Cherry Hardwood Taken from the cherry tree, the wood is somewhat fragrant and rosy in color. When it is stained, it becomes a light to dark red wood, which many people favor for the color alone. Since cherry trees are not known for their width, the striations in the wood are very narrow, almost touching. Cherry tends to be one of the more expensive hardwoods because dozens of trees have to be harvested to create enough planks for one floor. Tigerwood Popular for its striped, tiger-like appearance, this hardwood resists water and termites. Such properties make it invaluable to homeowners who live on a flood plain or in warmer parts of the U.S. where termites love to burrow into homes. It maintains the same properties as oak and other hardwoods, but the added benefit of liquid resistance makes it much easier to clean and care for. Selecting Your Favorite Wood and Features If you have a couple varieties of hardwood in mind for your floors, but you still cannot make up your mind, consult with a hardwood flooring specialist. He or she can help you narrow down your choices by price, finish, style and features that best suit your life and lifestyle. If you do not like it once it is installed, most hardwood flooring stores are willing to replace it with something...

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